Hey There, 

I'm Lauren,


I believe that kindness is paramount.

I believe that having natural solutions in your wellness kit is a non-negotiable.

I believe that life doesn’t have to be complicated, that things don’t need to be taken too seriously and that if you do something because it brings you joy, well, that’s reason enough.

My Purpose

I am here to offer guidance on how to use essential oils for natural solutions, within your current lifestyle. I'm here to share my love and my knowledge so that these divine essential oils create change in your lifestyle.  I am determined to live a life of simplicity, joy and adventure and I strive to always stay curious. The education, the connection with new people, the endless possibilities for growth that I receive in this business, is achieving all that and more.


dōTERRA is the vehicle that is providing me and my family with the life I have always dreamed of, and every time I get a chance to share that, my heart bursts with gratitude. Even as I sit here and write these words, knowing that you're here reading this, makes me so, so grateful. 

I am genuine.

I am determined.

And I am committed to always choosing courage.

[Even if it takes a few attempts to get there!]


I also believe that you can be driven by wealth creation, it’s not a daydream desire, quite the opposite in-fact. It’s not the be-all-and-end-all but it sure as heck is important.

Why Essential Oils and Why dōTERRA

Our Values


It’s my mission to inspire wellness. To inspire simplicity in the everyday actions that makes it possible to be-well. I aim to empower you to use essential oils as a tool in your home that you can turn to, and support yourself and your family.


In my opinion, curiosity makes the world a better place, it certainly makes the days brighter. Choosing to stay curious is one of my highest values as a person so it's only natural that I bring this into my business. Come and follow us on social media to see how we do this daily.

Peace of mind

Breathe in… Really breathe. HOLD IT. Breathe out… Do it again!

To ultimately understand peace of mind, we have to first embody what this feels like. Becoming a Mum was the catalysts for me to truly understand how effective essential oils were for peace of mind and it was only then how much I understood it’s something we collectively need. Peace of mind is why I do what I do, because living a life with peace is the ultimate freedom. In our world today, if I can offer even one more family, one more Mumma, peace of mind, I know I’m doing my job. Using essential oils to offer simple natural solutions = peace of mind.  

About You 


The highlight of this business and lifestyle is collaboration and co-creation and there is plenty of room at the top. 

I am always here, with arms wide open for you if this is something calling to you. Connect with me, let me know you'd like to hear more and I'll send some love your way. 

Fun Facts about Lauren


The Hummingbird – joy and playfulness


You will usually find me hanging out by the ocean with my beautiful little family. I've grown up around Sydney’s beautiful beaches (Thank you Universe!) and I would be a little lost without the energy of the ocean. It feeds my soul.


Morocco and Scotland are two places that have always pulled at my heart strings.

2019 is shaping up to be a very exciting year of travel. With a wedding in Paros Greece, extended family in Lebanon who cannot wait to meet my little Lyla and a HUGE family birthday celebration that will be taking us around the USA.


Dancing up a storm to some funky soca music – Caribbean style!


Travelling, my husband, my baby girl [obsessed really], coffee, photography, the ocean, summer, island holidays, health and wellness. Combine all and she’s one happy lady!


“A dream chaser – always aiming for the stars. She embodies the feminine with strength and softness. She fixes her sights on what she believes in, whilst still having the gentleness to bend and flex with the forces around her." 

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