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Updated: Nov 22, 2019

You know those mornings when you wake up and you’re just feeling… BLAH!! You’re not in the mood to do anything, let alone summon up inspiration to create something worth while. (Side note: not everything you create needs to come from an inspired space, done is better than perfect right!?)

When people are inspired, they have access to more brain “real estate” and, thus, have greater potential to forge new connections or overcome weak ones (Immordino-Yang and D’Amasio, 2007).

Here are some of my tips to help evoke the inspiration in you:

1. GET OUT + GET MOVING: The first and most obvious thing would be to move your body. Feelings move around your body like energy and if you’re feeling a little off, moving your body will move it’s energy. I recently had some acupuncture and during the session I was informed about our liver energy. If it’s stuck, you can become irritated and annoyed, showcasing these element to the people around you! Hello, moody you! The acupuncture speciality said the quickest way to move this stale energy is to exercise. Get out there and go for a run or a walk!

2. FIND YOUR HAPPY PLACE:  [Study with and in nature] Reap the benefits! It’s free! My happy place is the beach, the smaller coves where the waves are small and the water is crystal clear.

3. PLAY WITH YOUR FAVOURITES: Sit in the sunshine with people who are close to your heart. There’s something refreshing about sitting with friends whom we love and have a deep connection with. Where we can sit and talk nonsense, and not have to worry about being judged and, here you feel heard and more importantly, understand.

4. ACCESS THE WEB AND SEEK WHAT'S ALREADY BEEN CREATED: We evoke a lot of our inspiration and creative ideas when strolling the online world. Find some websites and blogs that update regularly and that share a message you connect with. This will guarantee that while sitting drinking your favourite tea, coffee or green juice you will be open to new ideas and creative thinking.

5. LEARN SOMETHING NEW:  Join an online course that encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and think differently. One that encourages you to seek new ideas and concepts. This may even introduce you to meeting new people and this is one of the best forms of inspiration. Connecting and developing new friendships is such a fabulous way to stimulate your brain.

6. WATCH WHAT OTHERS ARE DOING: TEDX is one of the most inspiring places online. You can watch people of all ages share their story. Just the other day I was inspired by a 13 year old boy speaking about his method of education himself. It blew me away. It’s also a great conversation piece, when you are inspired by something, you’ll want to share it. You’ll want to tell others what you’ve learned  – that’s what inspiration does, it encourages you to step-up and shine a little brighter.

7. BE STILL: This is definitely something you can’t really comprehend unless you give it a try. Meditation definitely changed my life, whole heartedly so! Why not sit still and ask for some guidance? The answers you seek will come to you in really interesting ways, which is half the fun. Life becomes a little more magical and this in itself will encourage you to seek alternate forms of inspiration.

When you’re feeling a little uninspired, what do you do?

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